Sessions run 50-55 minutes in length. The fee for sessions is $175.  Fees may be paid by credit card or PayPal.


I am not on any insurance panels, but will provide you with the paperwork to submit an out-of-network claim. You will pay for service when rendered, then submit to receive reimbursement directly from your insurer.  I recommend contacting your insurer to confirm that you have out-of-network coverage for mental/behavioral health services.  

Here are important questions to have answered by your insurance company.

  • Do I have mental/behavioral health insurance benefits ?
  • Am I covered if I see an out-of-network provider ?  
  • How much of each session fee will my insurance cover?
  • What is my deductible? Has it been met? 
  • Are there any other costs that I’m responsible for if I use my insurance to pay for therapy from an out-of-network provider?
  • Is there a limit to the number of visits allowed?
  • Is a referral required from my primary care physician or other doctor?
  • Is pre-authorization required?
  • If applicable, what is the name and number of the person to be contacted for 
  • What is the mailing address for submitting my claims?
  • To whose attention should claims be sent? 



Victoria Swenson

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