You may be looking to give yourself the gift of self-discovery, you may want to change something that’s leaving you dissatisfied with your life,  or both.  Therapy can help. It provides a space where you are the focus of interest and attention.  In a safe, non-judgmental environment,  you’ll have the freedom to explore and learn about yourself—your thoughts, feelings and the meaning that you assign to your experience. You’ll have the opportunity to become aware of expectations and beliefs that fuel ineffective patterns, stagnation and suffering.  As you get to know yourself deeply, you may find that you’re open to choices you were previously unaware of, resisted, or have been too uncomfortable to make.  All along the way, you’ll receive encouragement and collaborative support as you develop, experiment with, and practice new ways of thinking and being.  Life can be more enriching and less of a never-ending treadmill when you’re actively choosing how you want to respond, rather than simply reacting.

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“Our opinions of ourselves get in the way of us actually being ourselves.” 
~ Jon Kabat Zinn
“Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you.” 
~ Aldous Huxley

Marriage & Family Therapist​​

Victoria Swenson

“The thing that’s really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.” 
~ Anna Quindlen

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Issues I commonly address with individual adults include:

  • Strengthening your relationship with yourself

        o   Reducing stress and anxiety

        o   Discovering self-esteem and confidence

        o   Identifying and eliminating behavioral patterns that              keep you stuck

        o   Overcoming self-sabotaging behaviors

        o   Dealing with depression

        o   Living in recovery; codependence


  • Overcoming struggles and finding enjoyment with family, friends and in romantic relationships

  • Addressing challenges at work:

        o   Creating work/life balance

        o   Improving work relationships


  • Coping with illness, loss and grieving

  • Negotiating major life transitions, like:

        o   Marriage

        o   Divorce

        o   Career shifts

        o   Retirement

        o   Aging

        o   Assuming responsibility for elderly parents