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I can think of no greater privilege than to be invited by clients to join them on their journeys of healing, exploration and growth. It’s an honor not to be taken lightly.  My work is filled with a sense of hope and optimism. Believing that human beings are naturally oriented toward growth and health, I view problems and setbacks as situations we can use as springboards for personal development.

After years of success working in corporate America, I found myself longing for something more…a profession in which I could really make a difference. That desire led me to get my degree in Counseling Psychology at Santa Clara University in 2004. In 2007, I opened my private practice to follow my passion for working with couples and adults.

I draw from a number of different psychological approaches.  This allows me to tailor the way I work to fit each client’s needs rather than using a one-size fits all approach. My work is predicated on an understanding that relationships are central to our existence; they’re the vehicles through which human development is fostered. I encourage clients to embrace their strengths and to experiment with new approaches to problems as a way to initiate change.

I meditate regularly—a personal practice that has greatly affected my work as a therapist. Meditation and mindfulness help me to be aware, support an attitude of openness and a balanced approach to life. Both meditation and neuroscience, another passion of mine, influence the way I encourage clients to approach the process of change.

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Victoria Swenson

Victoria Swenson, MFT


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